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Unlock Your Upselling Potential: 4 Strategies for C-Stores

In the competitive landscape of C-stores, the practice of upselling has become essential for enhancing profits and ensuring a seamless shopping experience for consumers. Here we look at five crucial areas to help you elevate your convenience store’s upselling strategies, transforming it into a powerhouse of revenue generation and customer satisfaction.

1. Enhance Store Flow with Signage

Man pumping holding gas pump next to advertising video screen

It’s necessary to optimize the flow of customers from the pump to the register. While some shoppers visit C-stores with the express purpose of purchasing hot prepared food items, often the shopper journey starts with messaging on pump toppers or video screens. Promotions must be engaging, easy to understand, and valuable enough to convert someone who initially only stopped for gas, cigarettes, or nonfood items to venture inside to purchase products with higher margins.

Once inside, the clock is ticking. Consumers want to get in, get out, and get on with their busy days. Be sure you have enough directional signage to guide customers to the deals they saw outside. A well-organized and inviting interior can make a significant difference in driving impulse purchases and increasing overall sales. Effective messaging plays a pivotal role in guiding shoppers and capturing their attention.

2. Promote Bundling Opportunities

Everyone likes to get more for their money, and C-store shoppers are no exception — especially those looking to maximize their time on short lunch or snack breaks. Consider combos like taquitos paired with a refreshing soda or breakfast bundles featuring breakfast empanadas with a hot cup of coffee.

“Taco/Taquito Value Meals” are fastest growing items at QSRs1

3. Harness the Power of Loyalty Programs

It’s widely known that consumers who participate in C-store loyalty programs spend more per trip than those who do not. This actuality creates plenty of opportunities for promoting bundles, LTOs, and other upselling deals before the customer even reaches the store. Push notifications and eBlasts are ideal for communicating with these valuable shoppers.

4. Be Seen on Social Media

A robust social media presence is a key asset for convenience stores. People are often scrolling through their feeds early and late in their workdays. Showing up at the right time helps you be top of mind during those crucial commute periods as well as at meal and snack time. Engage with your audience through impactful promotional posts, showcasing products, combos, and exclusive deals.

As you begin enhancing your upselling strategies, we invite you to share your feedback and reach out with any questions. The world of convenience retail is dynamic, and staying ahead requires constant innovation. We’re here to help.

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