About Ruiz Foodservice

Since its founding by father Louis and son Fred in 1964, the Ruiz Foods family has grown to nearly 2,500 team members and 185 SKU's. As one of the nation's top minority-owned businesses in the nation, it continues to be owned and operated by the Ruiz family, now in its third generation. The foodservice division has enjoyed record growth due to the growing popularity of Mexican food and the “can-do” attitude that permeates the entire company.

Quality Assurance

The proven ability to produce a safe, delicious product — with near-perfect repetition — is critical to Ruiz Foods' position in the marketplace. In fact, 32 full-time Quality Assurance team members are dedicated to that outcome. Stringent testing during every phase of production is designed to ensure that each final product meets the exacting standards of Ruiz Foods' most important critic: your customer.

Research & Development

An idea is one thing. A viable product that sells is another. As a leader in the creation of new flavor profiles and menu items, Ruiz Foods' extensive R&D staff knows how to turn the best ideas into commercial successes. A team of 13 food technologists with a combined 200-plus years of experience remains focused on a clear goal: deliver the right product to the right market at the right time.

Food Safety

Ruiz Foods will never compromise the safety of its people, its products or its customers. On-site USDA officials, ongoing HACCP compliance and mock recalls are just a few of the ways Ruiz Foods ensures safety every day. But the Ruiz family has always cared enough to do more than just what is required. The result is an impressive, long-term safety record and a reputation of reliability in the industry.

Custom Product Development

Choose Ruiz Foods, whether you need an experienced partner to help you create a new menu offering or to outsource production of one of your existing items. Ruiz Foods is regularly commissioned by some of the country's best-known restaurant chains and foodservice venues to do both. From Asian to American, appetizers to desserts, savory to sweet, Ruiz Foods' creations are always the results of successful collaborations. Quality, efficiency and consistency are all part of the package.

National Distribution

Regional managers and nationwide distribution centers allow Ruiz to quickly supply product anywhere in the continental United States.