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tornados taquito stuffed with cream cheese, bacon and jalapeno on a textured background

NEW Stuffed Jalapeño Tornados®

Customers will go wild for this bold new choice! The crispy, seasoned shell is filled with cream cheese, bacon and spicy jalapeños.

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person in a plaid shirt holding holding a tornados taquito in a serving sleeve

Packed With Just the Right Pop

Creamy and peppery flavors come together with crispy bacon in these boldly delicious Tornados® made for adventurous customers.

  • Great from a roller grill, oven or fryer
  • Perfect for a grab-and-go snack
  • Delicious as they are — no condiments needed
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roller grill showing tornados taquitos flavors including ranchero beef and cheese, stuffed jalapeno, southwest chicken

A Whirlwind of Flavor and Choices

These perfect grab-and-go snacks are a best seller and available in varieties that help drive sales all day. With simple prep from the roller grill, fryer or oven, they’re a foodservice essential with tons of potential.

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