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Spicy Queso Beef Tornados with pepper and cheese graphics and Hot NEW Products Award Badge

NEW Spicy Queso Beef Tornados®

These tantalizing Tornados® are crafted to delight the growing number of consumers seeking bolder choices. They’re a CStore Decisions’ 2023 Hot New Products Contest Gold Medal Winner!

All the Bold Details
Two Spicy Queso beef Tornados on a napkin next to a plastic dish filled with salsa with chips in the background

Bring the Heat to Your
Roller Grill

Looking for new ways to drive traffic and sales? This bold, spicy variety will give your customers an exciting reason to check out your roller grill selection.

  • Each bite packs a flavorful kick
  • Spicy, melty queso and seasoned ground beef fill the zesty, crispy shell
  • Perfect for consumers looking to add excitement to snacks and meals
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Roller grill filled with Tornados and three grill tags showing the flavor of the Tornados on the grill

Plenty of Bold Flavors and Choices

These perfect grab-and-go snacks are a best seller and available in varieties that help drive sales all day. With simple prep from the roller grill, fryer or oven, they’re a foodservice essential with tons of potential.

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