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Vending & Micromarket

Key Considerations for the Optimal Vending and Micro-Market Mix

These small but mighty channels offer a world of potential to both consumers and operators. People have the opportunity to grab a filling meal that fits their budget and time constraints. Plus, operators can generate profitable sales with minimal labor. However, getting the food portfolio just right is crucial to a success. Here we’ll look at three different aspects of what goes into creating a vending and micro-market product mix that is optimal for a customers’ varying consumer base as well as Ruiz Foodservice products that deliver delicious, easy-to-prepare goodness.

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Break Time

Knowing and appreciating how long an average consumer has to purchase, prepare and eat their meal is an important first step. Shorter lunch breaks call for refrigerated products over frozen since microwave time is precious. Consider refrigerated burritos since they heat up much quicker than frozen ones.

The Value Proposition

Consider the price-to-substance ratio to deliver a great value for cost-conscious consumers. For example, certain El Monterey® Single Serve Classic Burritos and XXL Burritos can be sold as value products. Their heartier portion size lets consumers know they’ll be full even on a budget.

Off-Site Competition Is Fierce

With C-stores and QSRs always upping their game, it’s a good idea to choose products that encourage keeping business in house or on site. Consider higher-quality products such as single serve meals with entrées and sides like those offered by El Monterey®. Be sure to check out our article Defining Fresh in Foodservice for more insights and advice.

As workforces and your customer base become more diverse with varying dietary considerations, don’t forget vegetarian options. Clearly label those items for people who want something meatless and for those who avoid specific proteins (e.g., pork).

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Effective Solutions

Joe Harris, owner of Midwest Vending, relies on El Monterey® products for his vending and micro-market customers. “These burritos are perfect for all kinds of operations. They have the variety of choices to keep consumers satisfied, and my clients love them because they sell quickly. El Monterey® Burritos are my top selling SKUs.”

With El Monterey® being America’s #1 brand of frozen Mexican food,* your customers can feel confident their consumers will love these meals that fit their budget and break time. Consider these choices for your optimal vending or micro-market mix.


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