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Getting to Know Your C-Store Customers

Let’s take a close look at the key personas and segments that make up your C-store traffic. Knowing their objectives, motivators and daily routines can help you create the right mix of products that meet their needs and drive profitable sales.

C-Store Food Fans

C-Store Food Fans absolutely love C-store prepared foods and feel it’s even better than fast food. They visit C-stores often and look for a variety of options ranging from ready-to-eat to made-to-order. This is a strong primary target for Ruiz Foodservice and C-stores.

taste-Driven Value SeeKers

This is the hardworking, blue collar segment that appreciates C-store staples. Taste-Driven Value Seekers enjoy C-store prepared foods but stick to their go-to’s. They are not concerned with health and often buy standard, hot prepared foods and familiar flavors.

DiscerninG ReGulars

Often on the go and efficient, they know exactly what they want to eat. Discerning Regulars are willing and able to pay for high quality and convenience, and they appreciate made-to-order choices.

Healthier Aspirers

People in this segment want to be healthier, but their definition of “healthy” may actually be less nutrition-based. In reality, they often buy arguably “unhealthy”, ready-to-eat prepared foods.

C-Store Customer Summary

Ruiz C-Store Demand Strategy – Consumer Survey (2019); TCG Analysis

Questions About Serving These Segments?

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