K-12 Menu Concepts
Pictured: Tex-Mex Bowl

Tex-Mex Bowl

Kids will love this well-rounded meal in a bowl! Southwest Chicken Whole Grain Tornados®, veggies and rice come alive with great Tex-Mex flavor and offer a healthy serving of protein to help students perform throughout the day.

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Pictured: Cheesy Chicken Bake

Cheesy Chicken Bake

Easy to prepare and loaded with kid-pleasing flavor, this menu concept features Southwest Chicken Whole Grain Tornados. Simple garnishes and sauce drizzle make this offering as pleasing to the eye as it is to taste buds.

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Pictured: Teriyaki Power Bowl

Teriyaki Power Bowl

Packed with flavor and 25 grams of protein, this bowl can be served hot or cold. Drizzle with Ginger Teriyaki or Sesame Ginger sauce.

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Pictured: Maple Sausage Bake

Maple Sausage Bake

This hearty and delicious breakfast offering is made with our Maple, Sausage and Egg Whole Grain Tornados. Topped with diced apples then garnished with fresh berries and powdered sugar.

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Pictured: Enchilada Loca

Enchilada Loca

Enchiladas are a Mexican favorite, and this recipe delivers full flavor with the ease of speed-scratch cooking. Simply start with El Monterey Chicken and Cheese Taquitos, cover with enchilada sauce and finish with a blend of cheddar and mozzarella cheeses. Top with pico de gallo or chopped tomatoes and cilantro.

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